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Len and Craig Announce their new book:


"5/67 Problem Solving:

How to solve Wicked Problems


About This Book

  • This book will explain a lot about why problem solving is difficult
  • You will find out that there are some specific things you need to do to not make a problem worse
  • Wicked Problems have a special character and need to be handled carefully
  • Craig and Len debunk the biggest myth surrounding Wicked Problems
  • Go to Len's reading of Problem Solving book to listen to the audio version of this book starting October 1.  You will get one chapter with each podcast.  


Read "5/67 Problem Solving: How to solve Wicked Problems...correctly" and learn:

  • The 3 types of problems
  • All about 5/67 Thinking
  • The keys to solving difficult problems
  • Why Wicked Problems are wicked
  • The Myth that gets in the way of solving Wicked Problems

Read the book.  It will be profitable and helpful for you think thru the big issues in solving simple, difficult or Wicked Problems.




How to Win the War on Waste in 90 Days

The third book of the War on Waste Series, “How to Win the War on Waste in 90 Days,” is a statement that the War on Waste can be won using Len's problem solving approach and the company can learn to control and manage the organization to keep improving.

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The War on Waste Paradox

This is the first book of the War on Waste Trilogy.  It describes a worker who goes thru the War on Waste and experiences the positive and inspiring process of learning to solve problems.  The worker learns to work in this new environment and the owner of the business struggles to understand the meaning of the Paradox.

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War on Waste Innovation

Len wrote this book to describe the various terms, phrases and concepts that he uses in talking about problem solving in the War on Waste.  He also goes into his meaning of the term "Tribal Knowledge Paradigm."  He puts a different spin on most of the terms because he uses them in the context of problem solving.  And he gets to tell more stories.

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The Tribal Knowledge Paradigm

Len and George wrote The Tribal Knowledge Paradigm as the result of their field research for the last 25 years understanding and creating the organization that inspires innovation and creative problem solving.  In their research, Len and George got a good education and they have the evidence that the Tribal Knowledge Paradigm works.

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